PCL Constitution and by-laws

Article V, Section 1. All elected, appointed and ex-officio members of legislative councils, in cities and municipalities shall automatically become members of the League, subject to the provisions of Article VI (a/2007)

Section 2, d. Honorary members those, not being members of legislative councils are conferred with such membership by the National Board, having satisfied the qualifications/conditions set forth by later.(n/2007).

Section 4. Membership in the League shall be terminated by death, resignation, abandon- ment, disqualification, or removal on the following ground: a. Culpable violation of the PCL Constitution & By- Laws ; and b) Commission of acts or omissions inimical to the interest of the PCL.(n/2007)

Article VI, Section 4 Unless otherwise increased or decreased pursuant by the National Board, the dues/fees to paid by each member shall be: a) Membership fee (to be paid only once) of One thousand Pesos (1,000.00) and b) Term Dues of Three thousand pesos (3,000.00). The amendments, however, on the membership fee of  1,000.00 and the terms dues of 3,000.00 shall be effective on July 1, 2007.
Section 5. The fees /dues as stated in the preceding section 4 for each member shall be chargeable to his/her respective local government unit pursuant to DILG Memorandum Circular No. 92-65, except for lifetime membership. Honorary members re exempted from the payment of the fees/dues.

Section 6. A minimum of twenty Percent (20%)of term due payments allocated to the National Office and collected during the particular term shall be placed in a trust fund for medical and death benefits. The National Board, upon the recommendation of the National Executive Officers (NEO) for brevity, may appropriate additional amount for said benefits.

Article IX, Section 1. The National board shall be composed of the following officers: 
a) National Chairperson; b) National President; c) National Vice-Chairperson; d) Vice-Chairperson for Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao, NCR, and HUC’s/NCC’s/ICC’s ; e) Regional Council Chairpersons. The National Chairperson and National Vice-Chairperson shall be elected at charge. The Vice Chairperson of Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao, NCR and    HUC’s/NCC’s/ICC’s shall be elected by their respective jurisdiction. The aforementioned officers shall hold office as such until their respective successors are duly elected and qualified . The National President  shall be a regular member of the National Board with voting rights.  The National Board shall have Board Secretary to be appointed by the National Chairperson and who shall act and function as recording secretary. In the event of Regional Council Chairperson may not be able to attend a Board meeting, he/she may appoint/designate in writing a representative from among the Regional council Officers, preferably observing the line of succession.

Article XI. Section 1. The following Executive powers shall be exercised by the National President:

  1. To act as the Chief Executive Officer of the Philippine Councilors League;
  2. To endorse policies and programs approved by the NEO to the National Board;
  3. To formulate and implement programs and projects for and of the League:
  4. To execute the approved policies of the National Board and formulate and implementing thereof;
  5. To ensure that the provisions of the Constitution are faithfully complied with and the objectives and goals of the PCL are attained;
  6. To represent the League in all contracts, agreements, acts, deeds, and such other  undertakings provided that prior authority is given by the National Board or his acts are ratified thereafter by the Board;
  7. To sign all checks and vouchers and such other documents of the League except  in those cases that require the signature of another officer;
  8. To preside over the meetings of the National Executive Officers and exercise supervision and control over them;
  9. To appoint any and all vacancies in the NEO including the committees, subject to the confirmation of the National Board;
  10. To disseminate the resolutions, directives or decisions of the National Board; and
  11. To perform such other functions as may be assigned to him/her by the National Board;

Article XII, Section 1. There shall be a Management Committee co-chaired by the National President and the National Chairperson composed of the following a) National Vice Chairperson; b).  National Executive Vice President; c). National Treasurer.
Section 2. In extremely urgent cases and there is an inability of the National Executive Board or the National Executive Officers to act within a reasonable time, the acts necessary shall be performed by the Management Committee to protect the interest of the League, subject to the ratification by the National Board. The management Committee shall, with dispatch, render a written report to the National Board.

Article XIII, Section 1. There shall be an Island Board of Trustees for the Islands of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao composed of the following: a). The Island Vice-Chairperson who will act as its Chairperson; b). The Regional Council Chairpersons within the Island as members. The functions of the foregoing officers are enumerated on Article IX, Section 6 and 7.

Section 2. The Island Board of Trustees shall exercise policy-formulating powers within its jurisdiction in accordance with this Constitution and By-Laws.

Section 3. There shall be Island Executive Officers for the Islands of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao composed  of the following; a) The Island Vice-President who shall act as the Island Chief Executive Officer; b) The Provincial Federation  Presidents and the Presidents for HUC’s/NCC’s/ICC’s within the Island; c) The Island Secretary General;
d) The Island Treasurer; e). The Island Auditor; and f) The Island PRO. The functions of the foregoing officers are enumerated on Article XI, Section 7.

Section 5.  No money shall be spent without a budget approved by a majority of the Island Board of Trustees and duly reviewed by the National Board.

Section 6.   The Constitution and By-Laws of the Metro Manila Philippine Councilors League (MMPCL) shall rule the island Governance of the National Capital Region.
Article XIV Section 4. The Regional Council shall be composed of all Provincial Federation and City Chapter Officers Federation  and City Chapter Officers of good standing who shall elect from among themselves the following Regional Council Officers: a) Regional Chairperson; b) Regional Vice-Chairperson; c) Regional Secretary-General; d) Regional Treasurer; e) Regional Auditor; f) Regional Council Directors. In the selection and election of the Regional Council Chairperson, the order of preference shall be the Provincial Federation Presidents/City Chapter Presidents followed by the Provincial Federation  Vice President s/City Chapter Vice Presidents. In the event that none of the foregoing officer are willing to run for the said position, any officer of the Provincial Federation/City Chapter may be elected as Regional Council Chairperson provided that he/she is elected by a majority of the electorate.

Section 6 No money shall be spent without a budget approved by a majority of the officers of the Regional  Council and duly  reviewed by the National Board.

Section 7: i. The Provincial Federation may also allow additional members of the Provincial Federation Directors coming from each Municipality/Component City to be elected by their respective Sanggunians as Municipal/City designates without voting rights whatsoever. The additional Provincial Federation Directors shall have no voting rights during the regional Council Elections nor can they be elected.

Section11: The City Chapter in a HUCs,NCCs,ICCs shall be composed of the following officers to be elected by the members in their respective legislative councils: h) Chapter Directors not to exceed eight.